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Since 1890, St. Aidan’s has built strong roots in the Beach. Originally a mission of St. John’s Anglican Church in the Norway district, the church was founded as a place of worship for summer beachgoers. Over the years, we've built a church home, growing our congregation through community engagement programs and thoughtful ministries so that we now have a wide, diverse population of all ages.


Faithful to God’s mission, in 2013 we embarked on a bold and innovative plan to redevelop, repair, and renovate our building. Today, an environmentally efficient, accessible, and flexible building ensures that St. Aidan's will welcome the Beach's community for decades to come.

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With roots firmly planted, we envision a future in which  St. Aidan's stands as a place of nourishment and stability, arising into a daring new season of faithfulness. Our church will provide rich opportunities for worship and spiritual growth as part of a lively, engaged community committed to social and environmental justice. 

Nevertheless, crucial elements of our plan exceed the scope of our initial renovations and remain unfunded. This campaign will address further repairs and expand our ministry and outreach so that we can achieve our vision.

five core initiatives

Our campaign supports five initiatives that will take St. Aidan's into the new season our congregation and community need.


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Will all parishioners be asked to contribute?

Why are we being asked for a 5 year pledge?

Should our pledges be in addition to what we regularly give?

Can our pledges be altered? Are there other ways to give?

Visit our FAQs page for detailed answers to all your queries. Click the button below:

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