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The ministry of an Associate Priest contributes significantly to community life. Currently, this position is only partially funded through a diocesan grant. Our plan for growing the congregation is to support this position through bridge funding (i.e. the estimated cost) so as to sustain it on an ongoing basis through the parish budget. Current priorities for an Associate Priest include:


  • Growing and supporting small groups within the parish community

  • Developing innovative courses for new Christians and seekers

  • Providing support for lay leaders involved in family ministries, such as church school, youth ministry and Beach Zipline

  • Training lay leaders in outreach ministries that engage the Beach community

  • Developing media such a podcasts for adult education and outreach

  • Exploring interfaith dialogue opportunities locally

Estimated Cost: $100,000

One mark of a vibrant church is having a mission that looks outward. The young family and youth demographic is growing within our parish and the broader Beach community. Providing increased funding for youth programs will allow us to meet these challenges by building this vital ministry. Current priorities include:


  • Encouraging youth in the parish and community to take part in our ministries and outreach opportunities

  • Supporting both traditional and innovative youth programming, including Sunday programming and Beach Zipline

  • Supporting the development of youth leadership through youth led initiatives

  • Identifying growth opportunities for St. Aidan’s by understanding the gaps in youth programming and/or space access in the broader Beach community

  • Supporting cross-ministry opportunities for youth to engage in the parish

Estimated Cost: $50,000

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