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Thank you to our generous donors

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My Grandmother Fani

Bruce & Helen Budd, Hubert Budd, Lillian Budd

Alan Ferguson, David Ferguson, May Ferguson

Trevor Gordon

Basil Horswill

Irene & Norman House

Blanche Kilburm

  • Our donation will be matched each year with a donation to Indigenous charities.

  • Mike & Janet Barnard

  • John Brewin & Patricia Thompson

  • Glenn & Helen Brown

  • Brian Budd & Amy Ferguson

  • Alexandra Caverly-Lowery

  • Shelley Clarke & Michael Jones

  • Terry & Lois Donaldson

  • Sheila Dunn

  • Marilyn Ferguson

  • Valear Howsam & Larry Frizelle

Wayne Muirhead

Carol & Alex Potter

David W. Priddle 

Ronald Lloyd Smith

Brian William Wilson

Three generations of St. Aidan’s women: Mary Mothersill, her mother Edna Starr,
and her mother Rachel Lea

Norma E. Adams

  • In Thanksgiving for The Church of St. Aidan in the Beach

  • Naomi Hunter

  • Joe Marshall & Carol Matson

  • Barbara Muirhead

  • John Nicholl & Dima Cook

  • Philip Robson & Victoria Prince

  • Carol Smith

  • Sue & Bob Stuart

  • Marilyn Thompson

  • And many Anonymous donors

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